Wool kimono fabric

I've not written about the tragic disaster in Japan, because frankly, I'm nowhere near articulate enough to put into words such devastation. However, my thoughts are with all those effected on a daily basis as I watch the news in utter disbelief. My thoughts are especially with Japan on days that I am lucky enough to spend with those close to me. 

My boyfriend and I spent this weekend in Hertfordshire catching up with good friends and on Saturday, a group of us girlies went to a Japanese-themed fair which donated all proceeds to those in need. The fair was a true display of Japan's spectacular culture, with origami-making, other arts and crafts and traditional foods.

Other than lots of sushi, I also picked up some gorgeous fabric, which I really think captures the elegance and quality of Japanese products. It's a 5m roll of light to medium weight wool fabric, which feels like a rough cotton. It cost £15 for a 5 metre roll, which is just 37cm (14.5 inches) wide, as it's produced with kimono-making in mind. However, I have panel skirts, bags, cushion covers and so many more ideas floating around in my head.

Anyway, I hope that the proceeds from the fair go a long way to relieve people's plight.


  1. What beautiful fabric! Absolute bargain I'd say.

  2. The fabric is gorgeous, and that fair was sounds awesome. What a great idea. I too, hope that the money helps many hurting people.

  3. Gorgeous fabric Marie!And a bargain at that price!

  4. wow that fabric is beautiful, and so nice that proceeds went towards a good cause.

    It's really hard to understand and make sense of these kinds of things. I have a hard time watching the news any more. It certainly makes me feel very fortunate for everything I have.