Pattern Cutting #2: Dress Bodice Muslin

Yay, it's done! My dress bodice muslin is done, after 3 classes. Considering that the 1st class was mainly housekeeping and theory, I'm pretty pleased with my progress. I am surprised at how good the fit is after following what seemed to be super  precise mathematical instructions like:

2-9 = one fifth  neck base circumference minus 1.6cm. Square down

The only thing I think I need to do is lower the neckline, which is strangling me at the moment. I also think it could be tighter on my waist, but I guess fitting that will come a bit later when the bodice and skirt are attached. We'll then get the chance to add any kind of collar, sleeves and exciting!

 Being the swat that I am, I also did some homework and now I've drafted my skirt pattern too. During Wednesday's lesson I should be able to trace it out, cut the muslin and sew it all up. Hopefully!

This weekend I also finished off something exquisite, which I sadly can't share with you all until the end of the month...don't want the person it's been ordered for to spot it before it's given to them. The hint though is 'Parisian Princess'...


  1. Nice job Marie! Slopers can be hard to make with all those numbers! I think you are right about the waist, It looks like a good fit. I had to mess with my slopers for awhile but they fit pretty good now. Good luck on your swing dress, can't wait to see it!

  2. Super!! Love the skirt with those shoes, nice outfit, I'm enjoying a lot with your suits.