Finally, a productive streak!

Phew, just when I was beginning to think that I had sewer's block, I finished something!!! I've had a couple of really busy weeks, but I was beginning to worry that I'd never find the time to sew again :o(

Anyway, I'm so happy with this apron - my first ever custom order as I pointed out in my last post. It literally is my best yet and the finish on it is super neat:

I've now started work on my next two custom orders, which are also aprons. I have, however, reached a bit of a stumbling block, so if you're good with bias tape, pretty please pop over to Sew Retro and offer me your words of wisdom. Thanks!


  1. I came over here from Sew Retro, and this apron is just gorgeous! I love it.

    About the sweetheart neckline, I see that you´ve gotten some good advise over at SR, but I noticed that you stated that you have trouble pinning it - you have already probably tried this, but: have you tested just hand basting it on? I find that to be much easier than pinning in areas like that.

    Oh well. Just a thought. Good luck! :-)

  2. Thank you so much, I need all the advice I can get ;o)

  3. Hi! I just found you via your wonderful roses over at Crafty Christmas Club! SO adorable. Off to read more of your blog now :)

  4. Love this apron and love the fabric too. Lucky customer! x
    PS. Finished the rose brooch and am wearing it proudly today, will post pics soon..

  5. Thanks Emily and Jane! I hope to see pictures of your felt roses soon ;o)

  6. Marie mou,
    En bolla omorfa. Bravo - the apron is beautiful. I also came across your labels with the hearts on them - they are lovely. I see something reall big coming out of all this/xxxx filia bolla Litsou...xxxxx