Latest acquisitions

I came home from a lovely weekend spent with gorgeous friends in London to find a carefully wrapped parcel waiting for me.. I squealed with delight when I opened it and discovered that it was the 11 patterns I 'won' in Andrea's generous giveaway over at Invisible Flower. The patterns are amazing up close and I can't wait to get stuck in. Thank you so much Andrea, I hope that I can one day repay your generosity! Here's a snapshot of the patterns:

I also recently acquired some stunning scraps of fabric from the 1930s. They fill two A4 sheets of paper and each individual piece is so special. I'm thinking of making a pillow cover with them or something along those lines. Please feel free to feedback your crafty ideas, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

And lastly...I ordered personalised labels..haha! Is this frowned upon or do people think it's ok?


  1. I'm glad the patterns made it to you safely -- yay! And I love your labels, too. I have wanted some, but honestly I only make stuff for me, and I have no idea what to put on them anyhow!

    The fabric scraps are also wonderful -- my first thought is to do some sort of applique of a repeated shape (hearts? stars? maybe just squares?) on a black or white background fabric so that each print can be set off, and "framed", in a way. That would work for a pillow cover, a bag ... probably other things too ...

  2. Hehe, I guess the labels are a bit of fun really. However, I am contributing to a friend's Xmas fair stall in November, so it would be nice for customers to know who made my stuff.

    Thanks so much for your suggestions re the fabric scraps, I love your idea about letting a plain background fabric frame each piece. I'm so excited that I'm going to have to give that a go asap!

  3. They would also be lovely as little embellishments. Maybe a pocket or some trim on a homemade dress?

    Also, personal labels? So okay. I keep meaning to get some and I want to sew them on the outside of my clothes so everyone knows who made them!

  4. OoOoh, thanks for your ideas too Nancy. It's all certainly food for thoughts. Oh and I love the thought of sewing personalised labels on the outside of your clothes! Brilliant ;o)

  5. i want sewing labels!! are they cloth or twill? printed or embroidered? where did you order them? inquiring minds want to know!!

  6. Hi there, I'm glad that people are feeling the sewing label vibe!

    My labels are woven and I got them from here:

    This place can also make labels with your own logo on etc: