Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I Mad Men-ed Myself!

I may have had some free time on my hands and I may have played around on, as recommended on Sew Retro by Molly who blogs at Molly & Mango. Ironically, I haven't watched any Mad Men yet, but it is on my 'to-do list'. Without further ado, here is my Mad Men alter ego...I went for a super-glam look, perhaps because it's so different to how I usually dress:

On another subject, here's a little pop quiz for you! What do you think the below are destined to be? They will both make the same thing(s), but obviously in different colours:


  1. Wow, love your glam alter ego, divine dress especially the length (and wiggle!) and the fur is a great touch! I haven't seen Mad Men either but I sure had fun wasting time on that site!

    I think you're making shoulder pads with the top two pieces in each. The bottom shape is not so familiar but I'm thinking its hip padding maybe? The Dior trick!

  2. Hehe, that site is lots of fun...I may go back and create more alter egos for myself!

    Sadly your predictions are wrong. I don't need hip pads...believe me! All will be revealed soon ;o)

  3. I think they are either pincushions or some sort of change purse? Can we get a photo with size reference so I can take a more educated stab at this? :)

  4. Ok, new guess is tailor hams or pressing pads of some sort? I gotta make some of those...

  5. Marie mou, Michael is saying that your are making knickers for grandma xxxxxxxfilakia Litou