Handy little tote

Earlier this year I made one of my cute clutch bags for a friend's birthday. On a night out, a friend of hers happened to see and loved it. As a result, she has asked me to contribute to her arts and crafts website that is launching in October (I'll make sure to post a link once it's live).

I'm so flattered to have been asked and I'm excited to crack on! It's also an opportunity to see if there's any money to be made and it also gives me  plenty of motivation to make stuff on a regular basis, which is no mean feat when you're holding down a full time job!

Apart from the clutch bags,  she is also interested in selling my 1940s inspired aprons and felt rose broaches.

I've also been experimenting with small tote bags (again from Pip Lincolne's Meet me at Mike's) and here is the result:


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