1960s flavoured pattern giveaway

July has been a super busy month for me, leaving no time at all for sewing or blogging...which makes me sad. I thought I'd at least kick off August with good intentions, by jumping on the pattern-giveaway-band-wagon.

My first ever giveaway has a 1960s flavour and all you have to do is leave a comment letting me know why you want either or both of the below patterns. I will choose a winner randomly and I'm happy to post anywhere in the world, though it may take a while to reach you! The winner will be announced next Wednesday (11 August), so please check back and leave your email address if you've won.

Simplicity 7672

This pattern is a size 10 (bust 32.5, waist 24, hip 34.5), but you must be warned that sadly it's missing pattern piece E, which is the sleeve. If you feel confident that you can draft a sleeve from scratch, then please go ahead and 'bid'. The rest of the pieces and instruction sheet are in excellent condition. You might also be interested to know that this pattern gave birth to my Sinister Dress, but please don't let that put you off! I'm sure you can do so much better than me!

Simplicity 2967

I think this one is a 1960s repro and it's brand new and unused. It covers sizes 6-14 (UK) or: bust 30.5–36, waist 23-28, hip 32.5-38. 

In other news, I'm really struggling with Vogue 5510! The bodice is really saggy and I'm finding hard to 'fix' because the pattern called for a side zipper. I think I'm going to have to take the side zipper out and place it in the back. That should make it easier to take in the sides and adjust the bodice...or is that wishful thinking?! If anyone has any hints or tips, please do share...


  1. ooooo I like a give away!!!

    Well I want Simplicity 2967 because I'm on a one woman mission to compile. through sewing and thrifting, a complete 1960s wardrobe and it'd be perfect for that! Plus it looks lovely! :D

  2. Like Amy, I also love a giveaway! :)

    I *love* pattern 2967; actually, I've been searching around eBay, esty and other online 'stores' looking for a pattern just like it. My hubby is off to work on the other side of the country come the end of the month for a years time, and I've decided to take up seamstressing again. I think this is the pattern for me! LOL.

  3. I like a giveaway too, and I would be happy to win either pattern. :)

    smgjic [at] hotmail [dot] com

  4. Ooh, great patterns! I like Simplicity 7672!

  5. I love both patterns, but I have a couple pieces of vintage fabric that would be fantastic in the second pattern! I am sooo jealous of your great vintage pattern collection!

  6. Love the 5510, great choice of fabric!
    I'm not sure you're going to like my suggestion, but if this is a dress you're keen to wear, I'd make a mockup of the bodice (you won't have to do both layers) and experiment with that.
    In theory it seems reasonable that putting the zip in the back should work, but I have a feeling you'll have problems taking in the sides and keeping the shape as it should be.
    Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'm only a dabbler myself. I'm making a dress that's very shaped round the bust at the moment and I'm so glad I mocked it up first because it needed loads of adjustments to fit! Good luck, I'm looking forwards to seeing how it goes!

  7. Thank you for the advice Lauren, I think I'm going to try what you suggested. If I keep experimenting with the actual fabric, it'll be in tatters by the time I get it to fit! I wish I had more confidence in sewing, but I guess you learn from your mistakes and all that ;o)

    Also, thanks to the rest of you for the interest in the patterns. Don't forget to check back next Wednesday...

  8. I love both patterns, but the first one especially as it matches my measurements nearly exactly!
    I keep lusting after patterns to add to my (sadly, rather slim) collection, but the student budget doesn't allow it :(

  9. The Simplicity 2967 would be great- then I could make a Sixties dres for me and my teenage daughter( not the same though!)

  10. I heart them both! Perfect timing as I have a ball themed "Back in Fashion" in a few weeks.
    Meant to be? I think so!
    And Lyn you should totally make your dresses match, because then when yours is in the wash you can wear hers! WINNER!!