Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango

I've been going on about the Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango for weeks now, but you've probably read a few renditions of this blog post by now (work got in the way of an early post from me) so I'll keep this short-ish and sweet. 

Last Saturday's dreamy day out was organised by the very brave Karen of Did You Make That? who has also perfectly summed up the event here (including links to all the bloggers who attended if you're interested). I honestly don't think the fabric shopkeepers of West London's Goldhawk Road knew what hit them when our large group of loud women with a passion for sewing descended. The group was so big that we split into smaller ones to avoid complete chaos.

My group was led by Dibs - whose haggling skills were an absolute life saver – and consisted of the following awesome ladies: Justine, Adrienne, and Melizza.Countless metres of fabrics were purchased, most of them by Dibs, which as you can imagine took most of the day and left little time to socialise afterwards!

As we enjoyed some refreshing and dare I say 'well-deserved' cocktails, we poured over everyone's gorgeous bargains.

When I said that most of them belonged to Dibs, I wasn't exaggerating...check her loot out!!!

What did I come away with? Unexpectedly, I was one of the few reserved shoppers, but I happily came away with 3 metres of gorgeous cotton voile for just £10...

...and 3 metres of not-so-cheap-but-silky-soft cotton...

...which I'm hoping to use for this little 60s number!

It really was a glorious day and I felt so star struck meeting some of my favourite bloggers. I just hope there are many more meet-ups to come!


  1. So great to meet you in the flesh, Marie! Yes, let's hope there are more meet-ups - I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you properly. Love your purchases, especially the floral one. x

  2. That dress is going to look gorgeous with that print.

  3. Sorry I didn't get to meet you properly either! I wish I could have stayed for the cocktails :) The fabric for your 60's dress is AMAZING!

  4. I love that flowery fabric. But you know me, I was busy rummaging in remnant piles and wouldn't have paid that. Maybe next time when you are down i'll get it. It really looks nice in this picture.

  5. I'm so jealous of your fun day! It seemed like you had a real blast, and I adore that soft-and-silky-cotton. If it's that beautiful, it's worth it :)

  6. aw I'm jealous! Why does Canada have to be so far away? This looks like so much fun!

  7. Heya - was a really fun day, thanks for helping me out finding things. I've already made those pjs bottoms out of the blue cotton, and have cut out my freaky pink fabric for my dress mockup - very much inspired by you guys. It's a shame we didn't leave more time for socialising, next time we must!

  8. Tilly - thank you and rest assured that next meet up I will make a beeline straight for you ;o)

    Melizza - I hope so!

    Debi - it was sad not to have chatted to you at all...hopefully next time!

    Dibs - you know I loved your haggling! I only really splurged on that fabric cause I didn't buy much else, otherwise I probably wouldn't have.

    Reana Louise - thanks very much, sometimes it's ok to splurge on a quality fabric I guess ;o)

    Sarah Elaine - next time you can host a meet-up in Canada...I'd love to visit...hehe!

    Justine - no problem at all, it was great to meet you. Can't believe you made your pj bottoms already! Without wanting to sound like a bully...if you had a blog you could share pics with us ;o)

  9. Wow! What beautiful fabrics.

    Sadly, the fabulous fabric shops of Goldhawk road are at threat of demolition.
    You can read the full details on Melissa’s blog:

    Please spread the word,join the facebook group, write to the council and lend your support in any way you can. Otherwise fabric shopping trips to Goldhawk road may sadly become a thing of the past.