'Oh no', I hear you all groan...'not another apron!' But indeed it is so, I just can't seem to help myself. I won another gorgeous 1950s pattern on ebay – this time a Hollywood one – and it would be rude not to try it out!

I'm making View 5, which is the one on the left of the bottom row. The body is going to be made from a purple with white polka dot cotton and the waist/tie part is going to be made from a floral cotton. In my head it looks beautiful, hopefully it will turn out beautiful in real life too!

I've been very busy lately making cute accessories that could be cool gifts for girlie friends ;o)

I've made these little clutch bags before, but I still maintain that they are a great use of vintage fabric scraps. The body of each clutch is made from the coolest 1950s fabric that I frequently buy from a great ebay supplier called vintagepretty. Sadly, the fabric is pricey so I only buy fat quarters and my clutch bags are fairly small (approx. 7.5in across and 5in deep) – ideal for holding the essentials on a night out though. However, I am working on different and bigger designs...so watch this space!

I've also been making versatile broaches that can be used to decorate items of clothing or accessories like bags, shoes, headbands and so on. They are actually very time-consuming and fiddly to make, but completely irresistible I think. They are such an excellent way of putting scraps to good use, I'm smitten with them!

I've expanded my apron collection (remember my buttons and bows apron minus the buttons and bows?) by going a touch crazy with Simplicity 1805:

The variations were so pretty that I decided to make them all...apart from view 3, as I didn't have any Ric Rac to hand. I also made alterations to view 4 by sewing the 'ruffle' shape onto the body of the apron and by omitting the pockets to better show off the fabric's pattern.

Aprons are so much fun to make as you can be really creative with notions and colours and generally go a bit wild! They are deceptively time-consuming though and if I'm going to be selling them on my friend's website (launching on 1 October), I have to seriously consider pricing in a way that doesn't alienate people, but is also worth my while. Any suggestions on pricing would be very welcome please! Anyway, without further ado, I introduce:

Strawberry Polka Dots

Pin-Up Polkas

Strawberry Red

The other day I 'won' (actually paid a fair bit of money for) a beautiful piece of history on eBay, which turned out to be even better in the flesh than I could ever have hoped for, considering its 73 years. Home Notes (June 19, 1937) – a weekly women's magazine back in the day - is in excellent condition and best of all...squeeeaaalll...it came with the pattern pieces and instructions for the four dresses on the front cover! Oh, and did I mention that it's my size too!?!

I've not yet had the time to read it cover-to-cover, but I've posted some more pictures below to try and give you a taste of it's content, which is filled with: fashion tips, recipes, hilarious adverts, cute anecdotes, romantic fiction and a even a racy problem page dealing with how parents should answer their children's questions about sex.


I'm seriously in love with this little treasure. Even though it may not be a rare piece as such, it feels very special to me.